Distress call (Cut under Read More for Child Abuse.)

Nashton cried out as his father used the broken glass bottle to lash out at him. He stumbled back a few steps, curling over to cradle his stomach as he looked upon his father with fear. The cuts weren’t deep, thank god, but they hurt. 

This wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t his fault that he was in the hospital. It wasn’t his fault that this caused him to fall behind in some of his classes.

It wasn’t his fault he failed the test. 

"Lazy!" His father pushed him back. "Ungrateful!" Eddie fell on the floor. "Stupid little  runt!” Mr. Nashton began to charge forward, and, in a desperate attempt to escape, Edward scrambled to his feet. He ran, or more like stumbled, up the stairs. He heard his father roar with anger at his retreat and his heavy footsteps only a few feet behind him. On instinct, he grabbed the wireless house phone, and shut himself in his room. 

His father banged on the door as Eddie dragged a chair in front of the door, using it to hold it shut. He quickly dialed a number he knew by heart. 

"Come on Puzzles… pick up!" 

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    Upon hearing Nashton’s voice a second time, Puzzles finally stopped. Nashton’s dad was still very much alive, chest...
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